What is yoga?

Yoga is not about performing fancy gymnastic like asanas (postures), it is not about holding your breath for minutes on end, it is not about unconsciously bringing the hands to a prayer position…yoga is simply a state of mind. We can be standing at the bus stop practicing yoga, we can be sitting around the dinner table with our family practicing yoga!
The different practices (such as asana and pranayama) are simply there to challenge the self in different ways in order to understand how we can work to reach a peaceful state of mind. When this is practiced on the mat we can begin to apply the same process off the mat, in our daily lives. Life becomes easier to cope with. Problems and stress become experiences and lessons.
Think of the first time you did a headstand…for most of us this was a pretty scary moment, but each time we practice it becomes easier. Perhaps if we fall over, we might become frightened to fall again, but it is in this place that we can really start to practice yoga. Bring the mind into stillness, (breathe, breathe, breathe!) and watch the body unravel… The entire consciousness will follow.


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