New Moon

New moon and the start of ‘day in the life of blog…’.
Just in from teaching a beginners workshop at The Yoga Room, Forth Street. New moon is a time to chill out and go inwards. Practice should be slow and meditative to avoid pushing against the incredible pull of the moon cycles. I fancied moving a little so I just did 5 of surya A and 5 of surya B followed by lots of juicy hip stuff…delicious 🙂 after that I felt ready to face the elements and head out to teaching!
It was snowing when I finished my practice this morning! (What’s going on?!). Beautiful, especially to look up at the really high bits of snow falling, I sometimes wonder how they make it all the way down! Yet, the cold is making raw food a challenge…Just sipping on some white tea with Cayenne pepper to warm me up…whooo! It’s HOT! This was a recommendation from Steve down at Red Sugar Stockbridge (Thanku!) it really does work. Don’t add too much!


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