I’ve been practicng second series on and off for a couple of years now. Recently i’ve made the choice to focus on it with more dedication. Primary series on a Friday and Second series on the other 5 days (Sunday I do both for a laugh!) haha..

Flippin’ ‘eck, practicing second series is a whole different world to primary series!

(Ashtanga yoga is comprised of ‘series’…6 in total or 3 if you put it into groups ‘primary’, ‘intermediate’ and ‘advanced’…check out the link to AYRI for full explanation of this)….

Anyway, as I was saying, second series includes a pretty intense sequence of back bends. I remeber practicing second for the first time a couple of years ago…Me, being naturally bendy in the back and at the time eager for more, more, more, I dived in head first…

*warning* just because you have a bendy back, it does not mean second series is easy! Practice with caution and keep your focus entirely on your breath as you move through the postures (as always).

It is really important to find a balance in the physical practice, especially when you are playing with quite crazy shapes on the body! I discovered recently I was born face up…whats that got to do with anything?!…well, perhaps as I was born doing a back bend, I find them easier to fall into! (Some kind of birth memory set in the physical body?!)

Being bendy is not always such a great gift! It requires alot more attention to discovering exactly how a posture is working and the hardest part is holding back, to avoid injury later on.
So, if you are super bendy…go slowly, and if you are blessed with tight muscles and an inability to bend easily…lucky you! You’ll have an amazing experience learning how to approach the asanas with care and awareness on the body.

One more little thing for today…
Being back in Edinburgh for only 9 weeks now my mind is all over the place, starting all over again and being self-employed at the same time can be a challenge. Sometimes keeping the attention inward when practicing has been a challenge for me the past few weeks. I’m not alone i’m sure. I remember one of my fave’ teachers suggesting to me a while ago to choose an aspect of my practice or a part of the body to focus on completely.  It can be anything from your little finger to your 3rd eye… Try it if you like, it’s a beautiful way to bring you back in…Thanks Luke Jordan for that tip… http://www.dublin-yoga.com


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