On worry…

When experiencing the emotion of ‘worry’ it can often carry through to your practice. The constant referral back to that thought will inevitably take your focus and attention else where, for example to that future or past event we are thinking about and the thought ‘…whats the worst that could happen…?’.

It is important to remember that no matter what we are worrying about, there is nothing we can do in that moment. When practicing, direct your entire attention to the practice, the breath, the asana, the fluidity of your movements, the dristi…

Don’t allow the mind to stray to the anxiety your emotions are trying to stir up. Tell your emotions…no thankyou, i’ll deal with that when the moment comes.

Further more, the diverted attention will lead to injury as well as less time for you and your practice!

In my experience, when I worry about a future event and place emphasis on the worst possible outcome, it usually does turn out that way!

Think positive, stay present and believe in yourself.

Love xxx


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