April 10th

Oh how I love being RAW!!!!

Coming to the end of the standing postures today I had one of those moments of pure blissfulness that are difficult to verbalise…I felt all warm and fuzzy inside and the pink curtains in my room looked so pink and delicious (or as Gill my sister noticed when she was here last ‘…like bright red roses as the sun shines through them’…)! The exhalation became like a force from above me, connecting me to the earth, the inhalation was simple, long and smooth…

A fabulous teacher down south said to me once…
“Life is like a big white table cloth, each time you experience bliss, oneness, unity with the devine, it is like a drop of blue ink on the brilliant white table cloth. The more drops of ink, the better it gets…more and more blissful and peaceful…”

I really believe yoga and raw living is a ***magical*** combination. The table cloth is getting bluer!

Oh yes…and I’m booking on to Shiva Rea today for her workshop in June :)) How exciting!! Yippeee

Have a beautiful blissful day everyone xxx


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