Where are you going?

I have been thinking a little bit about the Ashtanga dilema of when to introduce the next posture in the sequence to your asana practice. There seems to be a general (not always) rush, to get somewhere.

The mind says ‘next posture, next posture’
and the teacher perhaps says ‘hmmm, maybe not today, not yet, slowly slowly…’
and the mind says ‘grrrrr, gimme gimme gimme!!!!’
…..where exactly it is we are trying to get to I have no idea!

Maybe it is time to stop and see that, we have arrived already! Experiment with stopping in each posture and waiting, just breathe and see where you are at. Bring the attention to the posture you are on and be there in that moment. The moment the mind wonders on to the anticipation of the next posture we are entering a restrictive area! Feel the postures as if it were the first time all over again.

So…perhaps this applies to the bigger picture? Where are we trying to get to? And when we get there, will we be satisfied, complete and free from worry? So today, be absolutly perfectly satisfied with this beautiful place you are in ***RIGHT NOW***

Everything about you is absolutly perfect just as it is…and all the beauty you see in a day is a mirror of all the beauty that is shining inside you

I’m off on my jolly holidays tomorrow…can’t wait to see all my gorgeous girlys down south, practice yoga with friends I’ve missed so much and visit the many delights of foody London 🙂 Yippee!


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