Alignment…amazing! There is soooo much more to alignment than I ever imagined. Simply bringing the hands together into a namaste (prayer position) with shoulders, elbows, fingers, palms, aligned you can feel the pure essence of awareness as you place the hands together. Flow and fluidity in a practice is so important in practice but don’t forget your alignment on the way. Yesterday I really felt this sense of centredness and calm as my thoughts whipped from one drama, future or past event to the next…I simply drew on basic alignment and was instantly plugged in again.

I’ve been to London for a few days so the raw challenge was to find yummy things on tour! It was easy especially with all the wholefood stores everywhere. So, I can safely say, I’m still loving it :)) I love this whole new world i’m discovering, not only through my heightened super vision (seriously! when I practiced Tuesday morning in my friends flat, the green on her balcony looked seriously greener than any green I’ve ever seen before) but I also mean the world of edible plants I’m discovering – both fruit and veg- delishhhh!

It was so so lovely to see all my London shining souls, chill out in Brighton for the day (It was freeeezing doon there!) and ohh to be a tourist in the old hang outs! And my goodness I’m soooo lucky to have all these inspiring friends in my life! But I cannot deny, I sighed as I saw the sea at North Berwick and knew I was almost back in sunny 😉 Edinburgh…

Ooo…Thanks to Nikos (sorry not sure of last name) who teaches morning mysore style at The Life Centre, for enough homework to keep me scratching my head and working up this glass ashtanga mountain… until next time!!!


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