Decisions decisions….

Sometimes when we come to the mat it is difficult to tune in to what the body is trying to say. Perhaps this is bacause you’re a bit stressed, tired, overworked or maybe the energy levels are so high it’s harder to listen carefully.

The full moon tomorrow seems to have sent my mind into some kind of crazy whirlwind! It is manifesting itself as pure indecisiveness…you might call it chaos!!! Now, I usually love chaos as that is where things start to shift and change and we can explore new territory. Today though, the chaos needed to settle. I realised, when there are millions of options and ideas in the head, the best thing to do is just sit, let it settle and then you can really see what needs to be done… One hour later, it’s time to get on with the day and oh, I didn’t really need to ‘DO’ anything! Just sit and observe. Thats all! Blissful x


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