The full moon is similar to the new moon days in that we don’t generally practice ashtanga yoga on these days. Some practitioners recommend doing a modified practice, some don’t recognise the lunar days at all…whatever you decide to go with is up to you but of course we must listen to the body. I’m not going to go into the moon cycles fully right now or i’ll be late for my next class! But in short…
The energy levels on the full moon can be somewhat higher than normal (hence the term lunartic!) so going easy on the body at this time is recommended as we can be prone to pushing it a bit too hard. As a result injury is more common. Injuries incurred on the moon days often take longer to heal and besides I’d rather not get injured at all!

So, just a few long held hip openers for me today followed by a delicious raw smoothy packed with ‘superfoods’!!! (I’m starting to doubt this term superfoods…not because the superfoods are not super but because all the food I eat is super these days! I feel super doooper! Maybe we can call superfoods ‘Extra -Special-Superfoods’ and everything else is just plain old ‘superfoods’!?!)
Have a delightful day lovely people x


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