Friday Primary

Friday’s are primary series day….Soooo nice! I forget how lovely this practice can be. I had a good 2 hours before teaching to do the sequence slowly slowly. The second series works on a different bodily system (nerves) to the primary, which is more about flexability and stamina. Having said that, to me it really seems a little bit more about letting go. As you do loads of forward bends, the head perhaps resting in alot of postures, you can really start to relax into the flow.  Did you know if you rest your forehead on something it istantly releases the front brain, sending the attention to the back brain where we can start to let go of the constant daily chatter of the mind. Try it now in any position, support the forehead…relax…ahhhhh!
Ok, off for a smoothy at Red Sugar. Oh yes, still eating raw, still loving it, favourate snack still avocado nori rolls 🙂
Have a great friday lovlies xxx


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