Yoga and Raw… again!

Morning practice at Aditi has been a blessing this week…come along for the ride if you fancy it 6:30am (7am latest) and just do your yoga practice, whatever it is, doesn’t have to be Ashtanga and you don’t have to have been practicing for years. Level/ability not an issue. Check out my classes section for details…

When I was practicing this morning I was right in front of this quote hanging on the wall that said something like…
‘Yoga shows you perfect health, perfect mind control and leaves you feeling completely at one with yourself and the world around you’…
I like it, true, but I have to comment on it don’t I! I realised a few things about this statement. First of all to be in the knowing that you already are perfect, just as you are, oh yes you are!…and so yoga simply brings that perfection to your awareness and makes you see and feel balance in the physical and emotional body.
I realised after the past few days of working pretty full on hours with not much sleep, raw foods are doing exactly the same thing! And so, what a combination! Yoga and raw food together is incredible! I’m feeling new transformations every day…good ones! OK, so it’s all a bit of a challenge too, there’s the detox effects going on which aren’t some peoples idea of fun…but what a transformation. I’m not going to go into too much detail or I might get arrested and taken away by the government for feeling too good therefore jeopardising the NHS 😉 but if you are reading this now and you want to feel amazing and learn more about this life, your gorgeousness and this world, more than ever before *FOR FREE*! Then go raw (stop cooking! start chewing! enjoy some life force in the body!) and do some yoga…simple xxx


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