Yoga practice both on and off the mat can have it’s ups it’s downs and it’s plateaus! I have to say I’ve been sitting on a little plateau for a while now. This has lots to do with being unsettled and in and out of different living situations. I also had 3 weeks Panchakarma (Ayurvedic Treatments) in India followed by 3 week ‘rest’ time after that.
So, today on my mat I realised I had just crossed a wee mountain and in fact I haven’t been on a plateau at all. It’s been a real tough time but things are looking good. One thing I really noticed today also, is my focus seems to be changing, becoming more and more concentrated and fine (it’s the raw food again, I’m sure of it!). It’s all very well someone telling you to “focus on your big toe/breath/tip of the nose…etc” But to start to really feel what this means is something else. It’s magical and feels like heaven to be there. The whole world opens up into one tiny moment. Ok, so it isn’t easy to explain…and thats just why today is about ‘science’.
When I was at Uni studying Sports Science (yes, it is true!) I began to feel less and less convinced by pure scientific knowledge and it’s statistics and ‘truths’. Yoga helped me begin to understand that knowledge and wisdom come from experience only. How can we say something is so without having felt it ourselves?! Ever been unconvinced by something? My guess is whoever told you the ‘facts’ had not felt it themselves… Go explore, feel, experience, LIVE!
PS) Please contact me if you’d like to come to Aditi at 6:30am and join in Self Practice, any style, any level, just practice, the more the merrier!


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