Raw Bliss…

…It just keeps getting better!
The new moon on Sunday was heavy! But what a great time to really shift whatever it is thats holding you back and move into the summer with a positive intention.
I’ve been focusing alot on back bending this week in my teaching as I feel this is a great time to work the heart centre open after a long cold winter season.
What can I say except go for it! Enjoy every move you make on and off the mat, let the physical body unravel and absorb some beautiful sunshine into your being. It’s FREE!
…Last thing for today, I can’t NOT tell you about the wonders of green foods…not only can you absorb sun through the rays from the universe, but you can also feel the sun bursting out of green foods and into the cells as you eat. Try it for a day, a week, a month…I can’t guarantee you won’t get hooked and wave the cooker bye bye!
Oh, and one more thing…workshops are in my thoughts…watch this space x


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