Sun Salutations

…you’ve obviously all been doing yours! This sun is incredible!
The sunshine seems to be bringing yogis out of the woodwork all over the place. Still..would be lovely to see a few more at Aditi in the mornings…no excuse now the sunrises early and the days are so gorgeous.
Was having a little think about what it might be that holds people back from starting an early morning practice. I remember for me it was mainly because there was nowhere to go at that time but also because I was still learning the sequence, I didnt feel so confident….
The answer for me was simply to learn the sequence faster! And how to do that? Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, give it a go and eventually it will sink in, so much so that you wont even think twice about what posture is next.
As for those who don’t practice Ashtanaga yoga, you can just practice whatever feels right for you on that day. Be honest with yourself, kind and listen to what the body is asking for.
Another thing that can often come up, is partners. It’s difficult sometimes to help your partner understand why exactly you are leaving the house at 6am to go and practice your yoga! Especially when they haven’t experienced the effects of a daily yoga practice themselves. I’ve been there myself, it often ended in tears. The only real ‘answer’ here is again, to listen to your self. Think with the heart, not the head. Whatever you do don’t compromise your truth. And my last suggestion…bring them along with you! It could be start of something very beautiful.
Enjoy the sunshine gorgeous shiny souls…


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