Practice was funny today! My attention was all over the place to begin with; analoma viloma pranayama sorted me out at first but as I moved into asana practice it went off again, just couldn’t stop looking out the window at the trees and the birds and the sky!!! This could be something to do with one of the following:

  • My room has turned into some kind of rainforest…I have a huge new plant in here from Gill and Rid, she looks like a baby palm tree! Combined with the general nature feel of the space it’s quite intense!
  • I had a huge revelation yesterday (thanks Jane:)), it was full on and felt wonderful (I wont go into the details)! This was followed by a thunderstorm over Edinburgh as I stepped out the door…love it 🙂
  • Practicing at 9am as opposed to 6/7am is totally different, the energy of the morning has really picked up unlike the stillness and tranquility of the sunrise hours.
  • etc…basically my vata (wandering/windy) mind took over by the environment and recent life events.

So, I knew I had to ground myself or i’d have never finished and still been there at 7pm tonight! I decided to wack on some ‘Hang’ by Ann Malone…WOW! (I just received this CD from my fairy like friend from down south… check out Think I will use this music in Savasana tonight at Aditi…this stuff has to be shared!) This instantly brought me inwards and I flew through the rest of it all with a cheesy grin on my face :O

This was followed by a new and extremely exciting discovery on my raw & green & yoga path! KIWICUMBER…? What? Well, all I did was added a cucumber (the whole lot) to my usual morning smoothie of superfoods and chocolate. I skipped the usually fruit melody and went for a kiwi only…and it seems to be having a smooth, mellow effect mixed up with concentration and focus…as well as tasting delish! MM MM mmm!

Final little thought for today, a big shout out of respect to all of those folk who are ‘going it alone’ on whatever evolutionary path you’ve chosen. I stopped to think about this because it really can be tough. So many times I’ve heard people say they can’t go on because of the lack of support around them, so they turn back to alcohol/drugs/smoke to help shadow the light that was blinding the eyes of their nearest and dearest. For example…(as it’s the one I can relate to the best) yoga, if you start to practice and nobody else around you does, it’s hard to make them understand whats happening to you. Personally, I feel the only way is to just stick at it. I remember hoping that, with enough belief, it would all start to make sense…and one huge realisation was that you can’t make anyone understand anything you have to let them find out for themselves. Getting frustrated that friends or family won’t acknowledge the changes in your life won’t help.
So again, like last time. Sit back, enjoy the ride and allow the people around you to watch and see you evolve. No doubt about it they will begin to see that whatever it is you are up to in your own time, must be something magical…that’s when they start to ask… ‘what’s this, what’s that, tell me about such and such…’ because they see how ecstatic you’ve become and want a bit of whatever it is your having! The best bit is, it’s free, it’s simple and it’s for life! xxx


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