Full moon yesterday was fantastic! Me and Kat decided to go for the 108 Sun Salutes at Aditi Yoga Centre early morning practice. Wow, what a blissful hour we had! I know I keep raving on about it but it was definitely a heightened experience seeing as we are both eating raw now.
It was so interesting to watch the mind as we flowed through the 108. Of course blocks and walls are going to come along the way and it was up to us to either go through them or just stop and let the maya mind take over.
Support is a big focus of my week. It seems to keep coming up on different levels, in different contexts. Why is it that we think we must be tough and go it alone? Sometimes we need a little support! In ancient times for example, a woman was not expected to raise a child on her own. Instead the whole community would step in to help out wherever they could.
It feels good right now to share practice with others at Aditi in the mornings. Not only are we sharing experiences and learning, we are also supporting each other just by being there.
I felt this support as I did the 108 yesterday as well as in many other places in my life at the moment. Being raw is a big change and I’d love to say thank you to all of you around me who are allowing me to get on with it or actively being part of it. The exchange is there too which makes the biggest difference. Giving requires a receiver and the receiver must then learn to give too.
And finally…don’t forget that supporting people and giving towards positive causes is one of the truest forms of reaching pure happiness. Try it. You might like it!
Why am I dong this raw thing? Because it feels amazing. Ive never felt so good. Like waking up from a long sleep.

Have a gorgeous Wednesday everyone x

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