Heels and Hands

Slept with the curtains closed for the first time in a while last night. It was lovely to wake up to the rosy glow from my fuchsia pink drapes but I have to say, I missed the sunlight waking me. I also had wired dreams about being late for opening the yoga centre in time for practice. It’s true! Sunlight is the key! Oh dear, another excuse to eat even more greens today and get as much prana/sun energy,into my body as possible!
So, I thought about writing a bit more on the yoga side today but I’ve already gone off on some random sun rant…back to earth Sue…
Today (in fact for a while now) Ive really started to recognise a few fundamental relationships in the body.
First of all we have the heels and the hips. It seems I have been told time and time again to sink my heels down but it sometimes takes time to actually hear whats being said. I’ve spent so much time on spreading my toes they have started to take on a frog like appearance! I find the more I sink my heels in now, the deeper I go in lots of asanas (postures), back bends, hip openers forward bends… Perhaps I’ve been spending too long ‘on my toes’ so to speak!… Life is changing so much right now but I feel more grounded and happy.
Second thing for today is the knees…In relation to the previous point. I’ve been raving on about the knees for years now and still it surprises me to see people force themselves into postures having been warned its going to mess their knees up for a LONG time, so to go slowly. To protect the knees, again, work the heels, especially in padmasana (lotus) positions and as I discovered today, you can even feel this in virhabadrasana poses (warriors).
The main point here I think is working the legs safely and with awareness. As a result the grounding part of the posture can come…oh soooo important I can really feel this now.
Thank goodness for yoga, I feel so blessed to have found this practice. Every day gets better.
Last tiny little thing as I know this is a lot to ‘dump’ in one go. Tried taking the arms forwards and up in sun-salutes today, as a result realised this is also a way to raise ‘vira rasa’ in the body. This is the fiery aspect to the practice which creates a beautiful feeling of focus and direction as well as power and heat! Arms out to the side is more of a water aspect and fluidity (usually my favourate way to go!). So, I was moving slowly so the heat was not too much, but the focus was yummy. I might need to try this more often; (Palms through the centre line more, linear movements and so on).
So, thats me for today…Sunlight, mystery greens, heels down, palms down, earth earth earth, followed by a wee touch of fire on top.
Smile, today is just the beginning!


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