Go Green

It’s funny how someone can tell you to do something differently in your yoga practice and you hear it but it doesn’t actually go in. What’s even funnier is when you hear an instruction, and you unconsciously ‘do it’ again and again, not really knowing why you’re doing it that way. I realised lately that I’ve been doing that with back bends. One of my most special teachers, Luke Jordan, used to work me really to my edge in back bending. I found it so hard because I was so flexible but he was making me work it differently, using the parts that didn’t want to move. After a lot of telling, I started doing what he had told me to do every time I practiced. He’d told me enough times and it had become set in my head. To cut a long back bendy story short…in the last week or so, I finally see what he was trying to show me. It’s taken a year or so for this to sink in, but finally it has!

It made me appreciate my teachers of the past even more. They put so much energy into explaining things and although I was listening, I didn’t fully appreciate that this was actually going to bring about a change in me! I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you. Thank you to all my teachers. Teaching takes a lot of energy and passion. I have been fortunate enough to meet many inspirational energetic and passionate beings!
So, the back bends felt phenomenal today!
Just a wee thing I wanted to say also…the door bell went mid shoulder stand so I had to roll down mid sequence. Not normally a problem to stop for a moment and come back to the world during practce, but this was not a nice feeling. I learnt my lesson, I tell students time and time again, exit shoulder stand slow slow slow…but I didn’t and it left me feeling like a spinning top 😦

Raw life today was admittedly a challenge. I was stuck for something to eat so went for unusual combos. Having said that there’s nothing like experiences to show you what you are doing is right for you. The lesson of the day for me was: nuts and dried fruits are not the answer… go green…green, green and more green! Its delicious and it does the trick…I feel ecstatically good on green, alive, prana-filled! Nuts and dried fruits make me feel stuck and lethargic…no thanks!
Otherwise, all is well. Can’t wait to get even more green on the go and explore the potential foraging at Samey Ling this weekend 🙂 yippee!
I missed Red Sugar today! Bank holiday… ah well, good for the soul to learn patience!
Keep practicing your sun salutes folks… full moon, 18th June, 108.
Sleep well x


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