chanting yoga raw and stuff…

Writing before practice today…
Went to see Krishna Das last night at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh. I left feeling uplifted and with a bit too much energy for 11pm at night. The sounds were beautiful and it felt soooo yummy to sing away. One of the most special things that has happened to me in the last 9/10 weeks of being raw is that my awareness has become so refined. I feel like it’s almost impossible NOT to be aware of the moment sometimes! I used to think being in the NOW was something difficult to ‘get to’… Travelling India for the first time a few years ago made me afraid of this journey that lay ahead…years of practice, hours of meditation, a life time of hard gritty practices…
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! How lost I was!
Raw really is not a physical practice.
The layers are peeling away, the dust is settling, the fear is going. It really is not so hard after all and EVERYONE is capable of feeling this at the drop of a hat. IT IS EASY!
I look around sometimes and wish people knew they didn’t need to try so hard. Happiness is here now. It just so happens that being raw has shown me this so speedily.
We DONT have to walk for miles repenting, chanting the names of shiva carrying a 1 ton stone around our ankle! Its here, its now and you have it!
Chanting with Krishna Das last night was another beautiful experience and a divine way to enjoy this life, this now-ness, the beauty of every single moment!
I just wish they’d all sung a bit louder!
Ok, off to ‘do’ some wierd shapes on a rubber mat, breathe and give it a name called ‘yoga’ 😉
ENJOY!!! xxxxxx


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