Friday feeling :)

Green is becoming a way of life now. I don’t have nearly the same want for nuts and heavy foods. I feel so much better for it and everyday my clarity becomes clearer, my focus more defined…sometimes I just can’t believe how fast this is all happening. Being raw is literally carrying me, unlike other lifestyle choices i’ve had where it’s felt like a real effort and not much fun. This is just pure heaven!
It’s been a long week work wise so practice was hard to get going this morning. But, as always, once into the flow it was blissful and soothing. When energy levels are low I tend to drop the ‘Vira’ rasa (Firey) aspect to my asana (physical practice) and stay content in the world of ‘Singara’ rasa (watery element).
I had a lovely long savasana (rest!) and a wet but invigorating cycle home.
Have fun


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