An annoyingly happy moon day

Today is new moon or ‘black moon’ meaning the next phase of the lunar cycle starts here.
Moon days are a time to vary your practice or not practice at all.
DEL-ISHHH-OUS! practice this morning was bliss! I hung out in poses for 15-20 breaths, sometimes more, enjoying exploring the body and whats changed since I last practiced like this.
It’s fun to listen to the dialogue of the muscles, they are good at talking a load of rubbish! Every time I hear this rubbish coming up I like to see it as a way of getting that out, as opposed to worrying and thinking these tightening, holdings and nativities are around for good.

Something I was thinking about today as I woke up and cycled int he rain to open up Aditi Yoga Centre…I was smiling and loving it! Getting wet, slogging up Lothian Road…some commuters were looking at me in disgust. Ah, the joys of Raw…being happy and content even when the elements are against us. I remember when I first moved to London somebody I met (who actually went on to become a good friend!) told me I was annoyingly happy all the time and it really did her head in. This really bothered me and made me panic about what people thought. I subconsciously started hiding it when I felt good and started trying to bring my level of happiness down a notch!!! What was that all about?! Crazy!
There were however a few very special people that I could be around and be completely ecstatic and happy to the max!
So, today reminded me, no matter what, if you feel happy and you know it clap your hands!!!
We’re not here to mope about feeling sorry for ourselves so if you feel good, enjoy it, go for it, tell people. Smiles ARE contagious.
OK so, if you have a bad day or times are hard, fair enough, it’s also completely valid to feel sad and express it. But for today, my emphasis is on being happy and not being afraid to show it. Who cares what anyone thinks!?! Don’t let it bring you down. Spread smiles, be cheesy, laugh and play. It feels good!


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