similarly different

Woke up at 4:50am, 10 minutes before my alarm and before anything else I thought…”Oh no! I’ve slept in!”
When I looked at the clock I realised in fact I hadn’t and remembered that today is my birthday and I’d just woken up early ’cause that’s what happens on your birthday, everything is the same but a bit different or ‘similarly different’ as Steve at Red Sugar would say…I’m lovin’ this world of new words thing that happens when you go raw 🙂
So, when I got to Aditi I subconsciously went about my morning routine a bit differently…opened the doors in a different order, tuned on switches out of the usual pattern. I suppose it’s ’cause birthdays bring a more of an awareness to yourself, so instead of going through the day without thinking, everything becomes a bit more obvious and purposeful. I like it. Awareness is where it’s at. So, today, practice will be all about ‘similarly differences’, exploring and being creative.
This is my first raw birthday which so exciting! I don’t need to think about getting old or my years passing quickly because now I am raw I’m going to feel younger and happier everyday! How amazing!

This time last year I wasn’t planning on being raw in one years time that’s for sure! And I definitely didn’t imagine I’d be having a party in a raw chocolate cafe with a bunch of amazing light-beings dressed as super heroes! I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such incredible peoples in my life.
Now, time to practice some asana and discover something new. Hmm, might throw in a half moon pose as a birthday present to myself.
Much love xxx
…after practice 🙂 yipee, that was so much fun. Me and Kat did tick tacks and played for ages. Now we’re off to soak at One Spa like proper ladies.


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