…i'm back!

Oh my goodness! It seems like such a long time!
Well, I have an excellent excuse! I’ve been in London studying with Shiva Rea for the weekend.
London was fab. I took my green wheels with me on the train so I could avoid the nasty public transport trap and scoot around the city care free. It was a crazy little raw adventure for me too. I took all my superfoods with me in little tubs and lined them up in my hotel room. The cleaner must have thought I was some kind of drug dealer!
I used the special twisting technique to open my avocados while in transit and mixed it all together 🙂 yummmm!
It was so fantastic to visit fresh and wild, tri yoga, whole foods and so on to get someone else to make me my dinner!
The ‘peace de resistance’ was Saf, raw restaurant on Curtain Street near Old Street tube, on Saturday night. I went with my very special friend Lizzie, another yogic goddess and we ate some incredible raw delights. I then cycled home at 1:40am with stars in my eyes!
One of the best things about being raw is the fun and laughter potential that is lieing dormant in us usually, which then just starts to burst out!
So, for those of you who were wondering…yes i’m still 100% raw, yes it’s still alot of green, yes I feel AMAZING! Yes, it is easy and yes, I think everyone should at least try it…why not ey!?!

108 sun salutations yesterday for full moon celebration.  Had a couple of lost in the flow moments like when your driving and you can’t remember which is the break and which is the accelerator! I feel this is really a good thing to experience, get lost in yourself and see where it takes you!

More yoga talk later but for now all I wanted to say was, if you’re tired, bored, confused, lost, sick, suffering, sad, depressed, constipated, got ibs, skin problems, headaches, M.E, chronic fatigue (etc etc!)…try raw, just once, then add a big old heap of yoga into your life and then see what happens. Just see…
It might be a bit of a challenge so make sure the people around you are on your side. If they’re not, why are you wasting your energy supporting them if they aren’t there for you?
With love and sparkles


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