The ice caps….they're melting.

One of the best points I took away from being at Shiva’s workshop last week has really stuck with me and has really un-stuck alot of rubbish I was holding on to…
“The ice caps are melting…”

And that’s it. It’s so true. What are we doing? Lets stop faffing around and start doing something. If it means working on yourself for years and years to become stable and grounded in who you are first, then fine, but at least make a start on doing that. The time is now. Go for it.

Make the changes in your life you’ve been meaning to make for ages. Start working for the greater good. Stop sulking. Start living. Help someone. Give a little. Share. Experience. Move! We’ve only got one life and the icecaps are melting!!! All the silly little details we get lost in are created by our own cravings or fears. Time to look at the bigger picture. Take responsibility and shake off the cob webs.

(NB…Raw living can make one somewhat direct and pushy! There’s no more foggy judgement and it’s impossible to lie or be dishonest. It’s also impossible to get lazy!).


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