Oh my goodness!

…Revelations…I don’t always advertise these as it is not my mission to splash my mind about all over this blog, but I have to say this.
This morning practice showed me a lot. Yoga really is like taking a mirror and looking yourself directly in the eye. There’s no where to hide and so you see everything. The thing is, it can sometimes all get to be a bit too much. But you know what?! It’s okay! Stuff is going to come up. Sometimes it’s so blissful and amazing and pure pleasure! But at times it can be a bit shitty too! When times like this come, don’t fight it. Let go, cry if you have to, let whatever wants to emerge come…then you may start to feel the bliss in all things good bad and ugly! The more we resist, the more we will feel pain and struggle.
Someone said to me recently, “it must take so much dedication to practice yoga every morning, it must be a real struggle?”…at the time I thought…”ahh, yes, arent I good for being so dedicated!” He he he!…
This morning as I lay down for shoulder stand and felt a little resistance coming, I realised, this isn’t about dedication. It’s Love. That’s all. Just Love for life and experience and this beautiful practice that has shown me so much. I can’t stop saying thank you for it!


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