Is raw living complicated?

…It can be if you want it to be, but it soooo doesn’t have to be. I’ve been raw 3 months, not that long compared to many folk I know but I have already encountered this question many times. I have also met or spoken to alot of people who find being raw a challenge because of the preparation time etc…
This to me is a surprise because when going raw, it is so not about trying to make food appear to be cooked or taste cooked any more, so don’t bother, keep it really simple and your taste buds will start to scream and shout at the sight of a bag of sprouts as opposed to craving stodge!
I really don’t think owning a dehydrator is necessary. Get as much green in your life as possible, explore the world of veggies and sprouts and super foods and soon you’ll wonder what all the worry was about.
Food can sometimes take over our lives, leading to eating issues and lack of time to say the least! No wonder we all get so stressed about what to eat and when.
I cant emphasise this enough. Keep it simple. Salads, wraps, avocados on their own or a bag of sprouts in place of a bag of crisps 🙂 you wont feel hunger because you’re feeding the body everything it needs. Complete sun-foods!
Make sure you drink loads of water though. The body is made of the stuff so keep it ticking along nicely with 2-3 liters a day…the difference you notice will be huge.
So, as you can see, yes i’m still loving it! Every day is different and the feelings change but the blissfulness I’ve found never goes away. It is funny how hard it is for people to understand that, especially people who have known me all my life…they ask, how can this have happened so fast? Well, that’s raw for you. You cut out the crap and all your left with is real, true things, honesty and evolving…there isn’t time for anything else! The ice-caps are melting!


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