Gone for a while there, I missed my wee-blog!

Long time no write…
I have to be honest here, life has gone a bit mental! Summer can be a bit of a struggle for yoga teachers …where do you students all go to!?! And why do you all then turn up at the same class once a week!!! šŸ˜‰
So, as I was spending so much time at Red Sugar (Raw Chocolate Cafe in Stockbridge), I’ve actually started to work there too! This is great for me in many ways…I am now surrounded by the worlds most powerful super-food, (chocolate!!!), I get to learn more and more about the world of raw living and all the other amazingly nutritious foods I’ve been missing out on and on top of that, I am working with some seriously shiny souls who inspire and amaze me everyday. So, if you want to feel amazing (and I mean it!), if you want to shake off the no-sun-summer-blues or if you just fancy taking a step into the unknown for an afternoon…then head down to Red Sugar and find out what all the fuss is about. It’s particularly quiet during the week days, so that’s a good time to come by so we can give you 108% chocolateĀ attention!…
Speaking of 108…Friday welcomes us again to the full moon! Yippee! I LOVE the full moon and especially melt at the thought of another 108 practice on Friday morning at Aditi Yoga Centre. I’ll be doing 108 sun salutations, starting at 7am, finished at 8am and you are welcome to stay after to practice/chill some more until 9am. The door will be open from 6:30am, I hope to see you there šŸ˜€
As for my own practice, it seems I have come to a bit of a plateau but it’s a rocky one! This is probably due to the normal pressure of city living and survival. This is by no means a bad thing. I’m learning everyday how to adjust my practice to suit the day ahead or the energy levels I have. Yoga should energise or nourish us, not leave us feeling depleted and lethargic. This is something we should all do, not just the teachers. In-fact, there are so many things I’d love to pass on to the yoga students I meet…I was thinking this last night as I led the 6:30pm class at Aditi Yoga Centre…if only we had 2 hours…3 hours…or more! 1.5 hours is realisticallyĀ not enough time to go through the full primary series especially with a mix up of beginners, intermediate and more experienced students.
I believe we teachers are here to pass on to you what we have found beneficial, it is not to dictate or demand. So, please, if there is anything you want to ask/discuss, bring it up, I learn so much from this too!
I can’t wait to get moving on the next few projects…I have a feeling September might see a wee kick to the yogic world of Edinburgh… watch this space!


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