You are my teachers

Sometimes as a teacher we can have moments of thinking ‘ahhh! What am I doing?! I don’t know anything!!! How can I possibly teach this stuff?!’ It’s funny cause it usually happens when we learn something new, feel something new or have a massive realisation…
Wouldn’t life be boring if we already knew it all?
Teaching is about passing on what we have benefited from and feel may benefit others.
I love the quote:
‘A guru is someone who is simply less afraid than the student’
Therefore, this relationship is constantly changing. We have all felt fear and it is often been someone who is less afraid that has helped us understand and let go, they become the guru.
Fear of the unknown is so common but it is a great lesson to learn. Go to where you fear to tread and you become your own guru!
Have a beautiful day lovely shiny souls…
Enjoy the full moon tomorrow 🙂 weeeeeeeeeeeee!
108 tomorrow at Aditi Yoga Centre. See you there? 7am start!


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