The Big Tent

The Big Tent this weekend was fantastic! Kat and I had a whole yurt to do with as we wished so we fancied it up with lights and fabrics and lovely yogi things. Our little yoga yurt was a big hit! I think we managed to brainwash at least a couple of folk into moving their bodies for the long term so that makes our little project a huge success if you ask me.
The yurt we used was built by Paul Millard of check it out for pics of what we had for our stunning yoga shala for the 2 days we were there. Paul sells and teaches you how to build yurts!
The festival appeared to be a big success, raising awareness of ecologically minded living. There was a big emphasis on self sufficiency which really floats my boat šŸ™‚ I met some seriously amazing and forward thinking people who I would love to connect with again soon. I hope events like this become the norm rather than a one off treat! The only thing that confuses me is the serious lack of veg. When I was vegan I would have been happy enough to settle for the veggie burger and accept that that was it till Sunday in terms of food that wasn’t a dead animal! However, being raw, it was all the more clear to me and as we passed through a field of venison, bacon, smoked fish and beef I couldn’t help but feel like there was something a bit odd about that. Surely, out in the middle of Fife countrysidede there was a vegetable worth eating?! At events like this should we not all want to feel alive, connected to the land, uplifted and awake?
Now, I don’t like to be negative but I am going to use The Big Tent as a way to demonstrate a few raw/sunfood/eco lifestyle choices too that seemed to be lacking there… I did notice there was a bit of a sniff of hypocrisy in the air… Kat pointed out something which definitely hit the nail on the head for me as we were gazing out over the crowd. I hope she doesn’t mind me quoting her on this :S there was this man standing there with this massive gut right in our faces clutching a pint of organic, local cider in one hand and an organic, fine cut beef burger in the other. He didn’t look too well poor fella… Stretched out across this dome of belly reads ‘ Friends of the Earth’…?! Yes, it is a funny old world… Kat says…’Friends of the earth but not a friend of his own body’…
So, without feeling too defeated and pessimistic about the whole event I did become more aware of the fact that, even though we march around saying we’re saving the earth cause we buy organic and we re-use our plastic bags, the change really does need to come from somewhere much deeper than that. BE the change! I can PROMISE you, if you don’t look after yourself, it will be impossible to look after anybody else, let alone the whole earth! Yes it does feel nice to donate some money to a charity and wear the t-shirt, but really things are only going to start to happen when we start to do something. Whatever it is, small or massive, make a change in your life which you think would benefit others if they did it too and watch it spread and manifest.
It really isn’t so hard.
It takes a whole field to feed a cow…that cow might feed a family for a week or two, make them ill and distance them from pure pranic sun-food even further. That same field could feed a village all year round, connect them with the soil which is receiving direct energy from the sun, the source of life and therefore the source of feeling alive!
Check out this mind blowing film on You Tube…It’s worth the 90 minutes 108%. If you want to save the earth you must first save yourself from this mindless treadmill you stepped on to sometime ago when you didn’t know there were other ways to walk!
Uh oh, I better get off my soap box and back on the mat…Must learn to stop ranting when people are trying to get on with saving the earth šŸ˜‰
All was well in the end. We had come freshly pre-pared (haha!) with loads of sun-foods and hand made chocolate to keep us dancing to the end. Being raw at the festival couldn’t have been easier (we brought our own) but there needs to be more available for those who don’t want to carry loads lettuces in their bags next year. As King Creosote rocked the Big Tent till late Saturday, I danced my socks off and let go of any disappointments knowing that this is just the beginning of a monumental shift in the world. At the end of the festival and now I have come down from it all, I can see that at least the event was aimed at kids…the generation of super beings that are going to have to start to get this eco-green-super-organic-pranic-love filled-rawwwwww show on the road!
And as I am currently not ageing and my raw friends also are de-agetifying themselves too, I can be happy in the knowledge that we too will be part of this revolution and I can’t wait.


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