take it easy…

When the moon is ‘new’ or ‘black’ it is the ideal time to have a yoga holiday and either do no asana at all or have a very gentle lunar practice. In Ashtanga tradition new moon is a  holiday. This is great as it gives the really avid students (men especially) a day off who wouldn’t otherwise do so.
Today I was at Aditi yoga centre to open up anywayso I used the time to practice the Sivananda sequence which I find really suits me on moon days.
Sometimes the absorption of minerals can alter on moon days too so you may feel a heightened effect of the foods you eat. It can be an excellent day to mono-eat (IE, eat one thing at a time throughout the day) to help you identify fully the effect it has on the mind and body. This way you can also begin to work out what is good for you and what is not…but don’t get too rigid or your temples will explode!
Have a great day and treat yourself to something nice. Today the moon is in Cancer which resides in the lungs and breathing systems…so maybe have a nice steam bath or even just breathe a bit deeper than usual! Why not ey!? 😉


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