Raw re-realistaton!…and yoga and blah….

Wow, I read back over my personal diary from a few months ago last night and it was unbelievable! It was like reading about someone else! I don’t have much time at the moment to write a diary let alone to write the blog but after that I had to make some space to reconnect to blog land!
Reading that really has reinforced to me how powerful this raw transition has been. I’ve gone from being so desperately seeking something, tired, depressed, sad, lost, alone, unwell, demotivated…to being uplifted to a place I only really thought existed on paper in yoga books and meditation guides! I have to say it’s honestly not been as hard for me as some people on various forums and chat rooms have found. Perhaps this is because I have had such an amazing support network but I also think it’s to do with trusting it 100%. I have been through every detox, diet, fad, trend, in the book and come out the other side feeling anti-climax, disappointment and uninspired to evolve. Raw has been just so blissful, so positive, so true and right for me that it hasn’t seemed like a challenge. Raw is soooo not a diet or a fad…it is a life choice that needs to be chosen to realise it’s magic.
Sure, there are times where free-falling can feel a bit scary, but that’s only because I’ve become used to feeling scared of the unknown. As soon as I relax and let go, everything is so clear again. Free falling is so much fun! Yipee!
I’ve a bit of an emotional detox this week and felt a bit confused. It’s funny when this happens because even in the chaos I know this is temporary and the clarity will return. But I think it is important to be honest and say that even people who find raw transitions easy, still go through trying times.
When I’m working really hard and have little time to myself I have noticed raw supports me in a way I’ve bever been supported before. As the chaos calms down and I have space to think, sit and meditate, raw is then a tool for expansion. This way of life never lets you down and will always show you the truth so long as you trust!
Last thing I wanted to add today was that I really can’t emphasise enough, is YOGA! Ok, so I am biased but yoga and raw really are transformational as a combo. Even the most simple practice has become like a dive into the deepest ocean of wonderful stuff 🙂
Oh yes…and ONE MORE THING I promise!!!…Red Sugar, Gillian and Steve….WOW! That place is a miracle and those two super humans never cease to amaze me…come down and visit for some seriously fresh, simple, natural, raw foods, including THE BEST chocolate and handmade cakes in Edinburgh…in the WORLD! Be blasted by O2, revived with H20 and then powered up with chocolate, smoothies, cakes, super foods and unbeatable banter from the fabulous staff 😉 hehehe!
Byeeee x


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