Smells +/-

Okay, headache for 3 days now šŸ˜¦
It’s a good plan I point out that going raw has brought up some interesting side effects…including absolute hyper sensitivity to stuff…including smells, tastes, colours and so on.
A couple of days ago the cupboard in the hall way was painted with a heavy dose of toxicity and I’m really feeling it. Even with the windows open wide and loads of pranayama (breathing exercises) i’m left with this dull ache across my temples šŸ˜¦
So, I had to cancel morning practice today because I’m just not feeling myself and need to make up for lost sleep because of it. Sorry to those of you who were planning to come, although it has been rather quiet lately folks! šŸ˜‰ WHERE ARE YOU!?
Anyway, I also want to show the flip side to the coin. Although I’m becoming more sensitive to toxicity, I am also (as previously mentioned) becoming more and more sensitive to the lovely stuff too! I would sit out a headache for 3 days if it meant I could continue to experience this…such fine detail of smell and sounds along with all the other inputs on the senses….and the yoga! WOWEE!
It does however push you more and more towards a more natural way of living. I want birds, bees, plants, sky, water around me more and more.
BE WARNED: RAW living may leave you seriously considering packing in the city life and living in the country, surrounded by nature!
Ok, i’m off to Red Sugar to work in the best place ever! Beautiful people, beautiful foods, beautiful interiors and an incredible vision of another way….


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