This morning I practiced in my bedroom at home.
When I was in headstand I had one of those moments I’ve not in ages where you think your going to topple over and you have to kind of grab it back and ‘save yourself’!
My space to practice isn’t that big so I did have momentary vision of my feet crashing through the window and falling 3 floors to the grass bellow!
I got that kind of ‘whoa’ flip-up crazy sensation in my guts and quickly brought myself back to balance. All of a sudden in that same instant I realised what had occurred.
The fear I had of crashing down in that very small space (felt like a butterfly in my belly) had then translated to me quickly trying to get things back in order. It made me think of how this is occurring all the time…

From day one so many of us are kept in a ‘small space’. Physically, emotionally, ‘pranically’  (I made that word up!)…
…We are told to be quiet, to sit still to live in a small space, to behave in an orderly manner, to control ourselves, to keep everything in 4 walls…
No wonder so many of us are living in a frightened state.
No wonder we don’t breathe fully.
No wonder we have to be told to ‘dance like nobody is watching’ just so we can move and play and expand ourselves.
My headstand taught me alot this morning.
No more keeping it all in line. Personally, I don’t want to end up in a constant fight or flight state…
And so what to do?….I can’t just fall out the window 🙂  … this is a tricky one… perhaps we just aren’t designed to do our yoga practice up 3 flights of stairs surrounded by 4 walls?
We shouldn’t have to live like this
The hunt is on to find a space where that thought doesn’t even need to be thought.
So breathe loudly, laugh loudly, sing, dance, play, have fun and feel what it feels like to be allowed to do this without being afraid of what other people say or think.
Break out of the 4 walls!


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