Green and Blacks

I almost forgot how AMAZING living raw can be! Maybe it’s cause I have the day off and i’ve been given the chance to sit back and see it again. Like i’ve said before, when things get mega busy raw keeps me firing on all cylinders. When i’m relaxing or more passive, raw just shows me how beautiful it feels to be alive…
I mean really alive!!!
One of the students in my class (you know who you are!) has really inspired me recently to say more about whats going on. As well as that, her new found love of smoothies/raw and a few other folk around me too, have inspired me to step off the rail track and try some new concoctions.
So, this morning I decided to go for this: (just to see what happens of course!)

Spinach (half a bag of)
Mixed leaves (half a bag of)
Plums (3 little ones)
Spirulina (1 tsp)
Goji berries (2 tsp soaked over night)
Linseeds (2 tsps soaked over night)
Blue Manna (1/2 tsp)
Maca (4 tsp this is alot, but i’ve been taking maca for 2 years now! Build up to this slowly)
Yacon (2 tsp)
Coconut oil (1 tblsp)
Pure H20/Reverse Osmosis Water (1/2 cup)
(FYI: Spirulina is a blue-green micro-algae found growing naturally in fresh water springs. It’s an amazing wholefood which contains over 100 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. One 3g serving of organic Spirulina provides the same nutrition as 3 large servings of organic vegetables! I’ve been on it for a few weeks and feeling I have limitless energy.)

So far so good! Feeling the love for all things green flush over me again and will later have some chocolate avocado mousse just to make sure I get my green and my black in 😉
(***WARNING***: this sentence does NOT suggest I am going to eat green and blacks chocolate! I would only ever eat RAW cacao, why eat anything else?! Green and Blacks are Cadbury’s in disguise. If you don’t believe me, Google it).
‘Green and black is the way forward’ said Steve at Red Sugar.
This new phrase was recently thrown at me and I thought it was funny, ironic! But true! He he he!
Green = Green Veg
Black = Cacao…as dark as it comes with not much else going on
Someone said to me yesterday… ‘ so this is why you’re always smiling?!’
And I thought, well, yes! And there ain’t nothing wrong with that!


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