New moon movements

New moon can mean many things when it comes to your yoga practice.
Listen to your intuition and do what you know you need to do.
For me I chose a very specific set of postures which focused on particular isolated movements of spirals in the body that I felt had become stuck.
It feels amazing to have freed these up now.
It’s so important to do this every now and then.
As with life, stepping off the treadmill and having a look at what really needs to be done.
Although I have only very recently started to change certain patterns of my life it is becoming harder to remember what it felt like to be obliged to do things.
Initially this may sound odd… what I mean is this…
I have a distant memory of  feeling like I had to work in a job to make money to buy the things I’m told I need… when in actuality, I didn’t want this STUFF!
I remember being told it was my duty to go to social events with family or friends… when actually I didn’t feel good there and would rather be somewhere else!
I know how it feels to think you are contracted into things but I am now beginning to understand a new way of life.
You dont HAVE to do anything.
It is not your DUTY.
There is no CONTRACT!
How nice does that feel?
Ahh, yes, the freedom of freedom that is there right in front of us.
The only thing that is holding us back is ourselves.
So, if there is something, anything, that is pecking away at you and you keep putting it off…DO IT NOW, or at least start the process of it happening.
Don’t ignore it anymore or let anyone tell you it’s not worth it.
Little baby steps or giant huge monster steps.
Both work.
With want for a better quote… ‘JUST DO IT!’ 😉

I’ve loved the following quote since the day I heard it.
Recently I’ve met someone who IS THIS more than I ever imagined possible.

“Even after all these years…
The sun never said to the earth
‘…you owe me…’
Look what comes from a love like that.
It lights up the whole sky…”

Every part of todays post is with thanks to him.


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