6 Months Raw

5 years ago I arrived back in Edinburgh for the first time  to start my degree in Sports Science!
Can you believe it!?!
I was planning to become a sports psychologist and hoped specifically to train famous rugby teams.
Still to this day it baffles me to think, why this ambition manifested!?
However, I could always settle for the explanation that I had to come to Edinburgh to do what I did just so I could go to my first real yoga class, funnily enough on the first day of term.
The class was with the Students Union and I was expecting nothing more than a load of stretching and hoped to become super flexible by the end of term.
I had always dreamed of being a super gymnast but never really tried as I thought I was too old and inactive. My best friend at primary school was amazing at gymnastics and her mum was a dance teacher…they too suggested it was a bit  too late for me.
I guess the yoga class seemed to me like a way to get flexible and perhaps feel what I’d wanted to feel as a little girl…
Ohhhhh, how wrong, how very wrong I was!!!!
Not only was this class entirely focused on a deep meditation technique called ‘yoga nidra’ which involved no physical movements whatsoever, It was also the start of something quite different to gymnastics.
Sure enough, as the term progressed I too moved along a little, we carried out lots of postures focusing mainly on the alignment and not too much fluidity was brought into the practices. I enjoyed the precision but also the changes I was starting to feel, not only in the physical body but on an emotional level too.
This was when I realised I was perhaps not quite following my inner voice and dream.
Perhaps making it on to the Sports Science course was a path to the Yoga Society at Edinburgh University but it certainly was not a path to becoming an academic.
It didn’t take long for me to realise I had to get out of there asap!!!
I speedily finished up at Edinburgh University and decided to take a 6 month sabbatical to India.
It wasn’t a scary decision to make, it seemed totally natural and although I occasionally felt guilty for following my inner voice, I knew the simplicity f it all and how good it made me feel meant I was doing the right thing.
Since then I have been to London to complete a teacher training at The Life Centre where I stayed for 2 years learning, teaching, practicing and now I am back again to Edinburgh where I have been for 1 year  (in September just gone) teaching in the places I first practiced!
So, why I am I telling this biographical story today?
Well, it’s been 5 years I’ve been practicing yoga DAILY (2 years before that I had dipped in and out at gyms and sports centres).
It’s been about the same, 5 years, I’ve been vegetarian.
I’ve been vegan for 4 years.
I’ve dipped in and out of Ayurveda.
I’ve had blocks of time, 3-6 months, where I’ve stopped drinking alcohol completely.
I’ve taken homeopathy for 2 years solidly.
I’ve had a full 10 week course of Rolfing.
I’ve had intensive cranial sacral therapy.
I’ve probably tried more holistic therapies than hot dinners (hehehe, especially these days!).
I’ve tried so many different THINGS!
All of this and I see yoga as being the boat that took me from THING to THING.

And now, after only 6 months of eating organic raw foods.
(i.e. uncooked food that has not been heat treated or processed in any way)
And not only that, I am experiencing this world, this life on a level I only ever saw in dreams or heard about from people regarding as being highly spiritually advanced in their practice.
The difference is…
It’s SIMPLE!!!
I can’t tell anyone how to live their lives or what to eat or when.
Just do it for yourself before wasting time and money on marketed therapies and books that tell you ways to skirt around the subject.
Thanks to my yoga boat and some amazingly amazing people I’ve met along the way I found this.
In the last 6 months I have had 2 occasions of feeling less than 108% well.
I had a migraine that lasted 5 days.
It was really full on and felt like knives coming in through my head!
Yup, pretty nasty.
But I saw it as detox of all the nasty, processed, sugary, glutenous, mucousy, poisons I had been around since birth from city life to using Colgate tooth paste and breathing formaldehyde in for years on end.
It was time to get it out.
It was also an extremely beautiful time to go inside and watch the process of deprogramming my brain, from years of…’this is how it is…’ and ‘that’s what you must do, to get this or to be that…’ and so on…
The only other time I was ill was when I puked up some dodgey food I’d eaten…my body is like a sniper when it comes to recognising bad stuff now!
I felt even better after both blips!
So, the facts are there.
The only problem one might see from all this is the clarity that is now fully functioning in me.
This can come across as being a bit odd to some as it can seem like the raw yoga girl over there hates everything about the world…
See it as you wish but the truth is, I just love truth and if it isn’t the truth I’m not interested anymore.
I am simply writing this today because I think it needs to be said before I explode


I’m hoping it to be the last time I have to write like this for the people who keep asking me if I’m sure I’m OK.
If you’re not one of those people, then I am sorry, and you can stop reading now!
This is how I feel……


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