Arms like flippy floppy stuff

Can’t even brush my teeth!
Arms feel like weird phantom limbs!
Silly Susan signed up for trapeze course starting last night 8:30-10:30pm (the same day as first day of mornings with David Swenson 6-8am!).
Have to say though, regardless of feeling physically SICK when I got in last night, it was great fun fun fun and yesterday was just such a great day for so so many reasons 🙂 😉 I’d love to go into that more but it’s best I don’t ramble too much…
Just a quicky, wanted to pass on some asana tips for those of you who cannot make it to the workshop.
Along with the toes together in Bakasana thingy yesterday!…(it’s coming along nicely thanks!)
Pinchamyurasana, my fave posture (haha!?!)…
Squeeze the floor with your fingertips and bring weight forwards more so the arms are at an angle to the floor, not vertical.
Sorry to be asana junkie today but I hope this of use.


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