A red hot chilly pepper

Oh my!
Today is so a moon day, even though my moleskin says it’s not 😉 the ashtanga.com website says it is and more importantly the moon in the sky says it is!
The moon was amazing this morning as I cycled to practice and is DEFINITELY sending out it’s craziness as the day goes on!
As you know, we wouldn’t normally practice Ashtanga yoga on this day but as we’re in the middle of a week long workshop, David Swenson kindly let us aboard the Ashtanga train!
It was so great to go through the full primary with his humble yet strong count.
Not a single person got off the train as far as I could see.
So, I danced home with my new headphones and the Beastie Boys.
Life without music just wouldn’t be life!
On the asana front I don’t really have much to say today, purely because as we know, that’s just not the point.
Yoga has shown me so much as it heightens the awareness breath to feeling to awareness to now…
I have as a result become less and less interested in supporting things that do not help me expand also.
I struggle to understand why people cut corners these days.
For example, having worked at Red Sugar I have seen that it is possible to provide natural, botanical organic raw food to the public without cutting corners or working with companies that fuel unethical, unfair trade etc…
The only problem is that if people out there do cut corners and mope about then things start to fall apart.
So, stop carrying your Tesco bags to the car thinking about making an effort to go to the farmers market on Saturday.
Do it differently now.
Make the change or you’ll miss the train.
It’s simple!
I should also add that I think the longer you leave chillies in the fridge, the stronger they get or something…
I added a half to my green drink today and *FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER* couldn’t finish it!
Wow, I ate a whole chilly from the same bunch last week, on it’s own and felt pretty normal!
So, maybe that’s why I’m a bit feisty today.
Don’t feel bad about things, don’t feel guilty.
Just don’t do the things that make you think you need to pretend your not doing them just in-case anyone realises you’re not practicing what you preach!


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