Go with the flow

Today being the first day of 2010 (Gregorian calender) It seems most appropriate to start-up again here, I assume that most of you will be following this calender and celebrating its holidays.
For those of you who know me well, will understand that new year isn’t really new year for me, just another day to be celebrated as the day before and the day after.
In fact, just for a moment, imagine what it would be like to celebrate EVERY day as though it were the most special sacred day that ever has been! Take every moment in your day to be that special, that sacred and imagine what life would be like… a constant celebration?!

So, why the return of weeyogi’s weeblog?
Well, I have been asked so many questions over the last year again and again without the capacity to answer most of them.
My hope is to start to pass on what I have learned to help answer these questions. Most of the questions have been with regard to how to improve health, both mentally and physically.  Please remember though, this is a blog of ideas and offerings that worked for me or those I have seen benefit from directly. I am simply here to pass on what I have witnessed working in myself or others. I want to be able to help but I know I will not always have the answers, because as you know, we are unique and no answer will ever suit all.
In the first instance my answer is always a question…
“Have you asked yourself what needs to be done?”
If that doesn’t make sense yet then I will try my best to pass you on to another source.
In the meantime though, today all I’d like to say is this…
If today is a day where you make a resolution, include in it somewhere this:
“I promise that as long as my awareness stays upon it, I will go with the flow…”
You see, changes are afoot, things are probably going to get a lot crazier than they ever have, both on and off the yoga mat, both in and out of the kitchen, blender by your side or not!!!
Be with the changes, whatever they are, and as these changes happen, practice balance, clarity, remain unaffected but most of all ready for more!
It’s all unfolding just as it should…
Every single thing we do is part of a cycle or wave within our lives. Be it washing the dishes, brushing our teeth or even dancing to our favourite piece of music. Notice that when you become stressed or anxious the first thing to vanish is the natural flow of the breath;
Yoga practice teaches us that life is a series of unique and wonderful experiences which can be strung upon a necklace of breath. When we treat every part of our day with this in mind, without allowing our string of breath to ware thin or even break, life will become fluid and easy.
We will remain relaxed and are no longer a victim. Not just today, every day!
Have a great day everyone 🙂
With much love and flow…
S xxx
(What better reason then to come to Yoga Flow! This class is all about that.
Check out the new schedule, with more classes to follow soon plus a new website in the making!)


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