Detox, re-tox

The word detox comes up so much this time of year.
I am sometimes so surprised when no one really questions that!
If we need to detox, doesn’t that mean we are toxic?!
Doesn’t that mean that this toxicity has to have come from somewhere?!
Yes, it’s come from so many things, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the thoughts we think to name but a few.
Don’t panic… but it doesn’t have to be this way and we DON’T have to spend the rest of eternity, re-toxing, de-toxing, re-toxing, de-toxing, ’cause that’s just the way it is!
If you’re thinking, ‘It’s January, I better do a detox’ then please do it different to ever before.
Why not this time round choose to get well and stay well.
It is that simple.
Take control of your life, of your well-being and happiness.
Choose to question the things that ‘go in’.
And I don’t just mean through your mouth…
For example, next time someone insults you for who or what you are, say internally,
‘no thanks, I don’t want to take that in, and leave it at the door’

Another simple one is next time you are in the supermarket choose organic vegetables.
I often ask myself, why is it that only the organic vegetables have a special label to say organic when the other vegetables don’t have any special labels listing the various chemicals they were sprayed in?!!!
Ask questions my lovelies, become empowered by choice and freedom will welcome you in.

So, why are the substances that later we try to detox out of our bodies, still so available?
Things that are known to eventually kill us, cause diabetes, breast cancer, lung cancer, heart disease and so on…
Cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, SUGAR!!!
Yet on the other hand, many completely natural botanical herbs which are known to cure and heal have recently been banned from entering the country?!

Yes, I am ranting again folks but, hey, that’s what i’m here for… to serve you and to be honest and direct.
I love you all and want you to be well and see your beauty.

Big big love
S xxxx


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