Draw a line

Hey lovelies,
Just wanted to drop in again today and start by saying, it’s okay if you’re struggling.
Don’t beat yourself up and make yourself feel worse.
Draw a line and start again.
This is one of the reasons I don’t do Gregorian time cause it makes everything so rigid and structured.
Today can be just as much of a new beginning as the 1st January 2010 was…

If you are finding it hard to stay healthy, it’s cold and dull, most people will be finding it hard right now, here’s a thing to try. When you all of a sudden feel your energy levels drop and you think you need a coffee or a sweet or whatever your thing is… first of all try drinking 500ml water (75% of hunger/tiredness is thirst/dehydration) if that doesn’t work, have 500ml of green juice! Guaranteed you will receive energy from that and you won’t crash after, you see you’ll be using real energy, not borrowed from your adrenals!
So, to try this new idea, you’ll have to be prepared.
Even if you feel totally wired with energy when you leave the house… after 1 hour of driving/trudging the snow/battling along on your bike, whatever, you might not feel the same as you did when you started!
Take the water and the fruits and veggies with you… even if you don’t need them after all, they will have been there to save you if needed, always 😉
Big Love xxx


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