Simple steps

What does a girl like me think as she first wakes up?
“Where the flip am I going to get a ton of good quality fruits and vegetables when the rest of Edinburgh is seeing today as a kind of extended bank holiday?”
Any suggestions feel free to comment on this post!
If you too are a little like me and your day goes with the flow of, how can I make myself even healthier and more vibrant and full of life than yesterday, then maybe you too thought about getting some pure water in to yourself too…
Struggling to find an accessible and good quality spring at the moment I am sticking to pure H2O, vortexed in our beautiful water vortexer:… more to follow on that soon.

But for now… simple steps…
Beautiful shiny souls….
How to come in to LIFE!!!

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Move more

Breathe more

Drink more pure water

Remove the heavy, over processed, cooked, dead foods from your life

Introduce nutrient rich, raw, living foods into your life

Step by step, day by day.

It is not complicated. It is so simple, thats why most of us don’t do it! Because we think, hey this is too simple, there must be something missing?!…
Don’t even ask me where I get my protein! I want to ask you, where do you get yours, cause sure as night follow day, there isn’t any of the accessable kind in animal flesh…

Oh yes and there is no money making scheme behind the words I say to you, it is pure, simple advice. You don’t have to buy any expensive potions, infact you’ll save money on Dr’s bills, empty foods and all the other stuff we buy in the hope that it will make us look or feel better!

We are 75%-90% water, the rest is built from amino acids with the help of lots of happy enzymes.
Remove these 2 things from your life directly (by not putting them in to you) or indirectly (by consuming foods/drinks that dehydrate you or take up all your energy and enzymes to process them) and you will get old, shrivled up like a dehydrated prune and tired. Remember, just as you put in, so you will get out of your gorgeous body.
I’ve been there, I know what it feels like to eat ONLY meat (Atkins)! I also know what it feels like to eat a ‘vegan’ diet… and so on and so forth.
I was tired and started to look old. I was only 17!!!
Time to start living and feeling great, no problem!
Have an amazing day lovelies.
Smile and enjoy
Big love xxx


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