When I am in the midst of practice in the morning; this computer, the internet, these posts and all that I have to say seems completely ridiculous.
So much floods in when you tune in to your true self that all the chat just seems laughable.
When your intuition and inner being comes to light there is nothing else but right here right now and in this moment, everything is just perfect…Right?
So what is this thing we call ‘Ego’?
To begin with, even giving whatever it is a name is taking you one step away form the truth, but in the light of trying to understand and verbalise, we give things names and try to make sense of them.
I myself sometimes cringe when it comes to writing about this stuff because I know I will never be able to put down in words what we all know deep down inside.
It is our obsession with making sense of things, control and defining things that keeps us constantly moving away from our own truth.
So today when I think about wellness and how we can get closer to that, raw foods and superfoods just don’t make the mustard!
It is the allowing that’s going to bring about changes… not just within ourselves,physically, mentally; but as we look to others too.
Just allow!
The ego is the thing that resists change.
It gives us reasons for things, or excuses.
The ego likes to say ‘My’, ‘I’ and ‘Mine’
It attaches us to things, events, illnesses, possessions, people and so on…
The ego is based very firmly on opinions and judgement, and it’s TOUGH!
It is the voice that separates us from others, convincing us that “I am right!”
The ego came along very early on and stamped all over our intuition and truth.
It took away our power of discernment and stopped us from being who we truly are.
So perhaps today we could try to sit back and let go of a few of our ‘my’ and ‘mines’?
Because maybe there’s something in that ‘my’ or ‘mine’ which is holding you back.
I am not for a second saying I have abolished my ego, for if I had this post wouldn’t even exist.
If this were the case for all of us, if we let go completely, we would look around at each other and all we’d see would be bright shining lights.
Shiiiine on you crazy diamonds 🙂 Light up!!!
Have a great day and remember who you are not.
Love xxx


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