Raw Food Diet, On Clarity and… Money!

Yesterday I had the chance for a first time in a while to speak to an old friend who about this time last year decided to start living a raw food lifestyle.
It was so nice to re-connect and find out how she has been getting on.
One of the first things she did say to me was
“… you’re going to be disappointed in me Susan!”
It turns out she struggled to ‘stick to it’ and for one reason or another has gone back on to eating cooked foods.
(Not only are they cooked but it’s non-organic, very processed, unhealthy stuff…. she’s feeling pretty rough).
First of all I jumped in by saying that of corse I would never be disappointed in her.
Her dietary habits definitely do not influence how I feel about her and our friendship!
But more importantly I said she had to relax, I could hear in her voice how bad she was feeling and the guilt she was carrying about with her.
I just hoped that she would let it go. Feeling bad about what she had eaten wasn’t going to help her.
One of the main reasons she expressed was that she just couldn’t take the pressure of her day to day life and so, she turned to comfort foods to sedate her feelings.
I have heard this tale so many times before.
Raw foods do give you a hightened awareness of what is happening around you, all that energy being pumped in to your body along with a new and crystal clarity… it can be quite intense. That is why if anyone was to ask me now, how do I ‘go raw’…
Well, first things first, make sure you are doing this for the right reasons… you want to feel and live like never before, achieve your wildest dreams…
You want to be well. Right?
Second, and this is a big one, immerse yourself in as much positivity as you can.
This works both ways… get rid of any clutter, any negativity, any stangnancy in your life.
As well as introducing a new outlook… good support around you, exercise, fresh air, clean water, good quality foods and very importantly fun and love!
This way, if things get tough, you’ll be ready to say ‘BRING IT ON!!!’

One of the other HUGE reasons I hear for not eating a better diet is MONEY!
I hear time and time again that people think eating fresh fruits and veggies is more expensive than eating microwave meals!!!??
If it were too expensive, I certainly wouldn’t be doing it!
Plus you have to ask yourself… in relation to what?
The usual processed foods out there have so little nutrition in them, it’s daylight robbery, of your money and your health!
The thing is, you don’t actually need any of the ‘super foods’… they’re all around you for free!
Go in to your back garden and you’ll find so many potent, detoxifying fresh greens to eat you won’t know what to do with them!
In the long run, eating this way is going to cut down on so many bills…
No more cooking, no more cooker, right?!
Eating raw = feeling incredible, so that will cut your medical bills 100%!
Fresh fruits and vegetables are all you need to be well and stay well, but you’ve got to want it… not just for yourself but for the planet… ‘be the change’ as our pal Gandhi always used to say 😉
You will get soooo much more from your food (because it won’t have been boiled to oblivion, those poor lovely enzymes!) that you won’t NEED to eat so much to feel satisfied.
As times got hard last year financially for a few of my nearest and dearest, I saw them turn to cheap processed foods from huge chain superstores. Gradually over the weeks and months I witnessed with my own eyes them become more and more tired, unwell, depressed and negative. Call me biased but I am more than sure this is with direct relation to the lifestyle they had chosen.
When you look after you physical body and pay attention to the beautiful side of living, it becomes impossible to get dragged down. You no longer sweat the small stuff because the bigger picture is so clear in front of you, you don’t have time to worry!
All I wish for you all is that you choose a lifestyle that increases your well being more than you ever thought possible!
A lifestyle that evolves you and makes you see the beauty of this planet.
Have a great day 🙂
Big Love y’all
xxx S


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