A clear mind needs a clear body

One of the main detoxification processes that occur during your Ashtanga yoga practice is the profuse sweating.
I remember when I first started practicing, being astonished at how much sweat I could produce!
I also remember at the end of every class, my teachers always telling me to drink lots of water
I did it, I had an intuitive trust going on with yoga and so I  pretty much always just did as I was told by my teachers… eager to see what the result of this life long experiment would be.

Since then I have come to know a little more about the levels and layers of detoxification and I know now that it is not just a case of ‘getting the bad stuff out’… you have to follow it up with the good stuff!
I still follow every practice with water (or if I get to Hawaii some day, it would be the water of a fresh coconut!)

Cleaning out your physical body instantly allows you to open up into a clearer state of mind.
You are no longer govourned by it, you become a laid back, chilled out observer!

I believe that the main passages of elimination should be through the two we all know best but probably don’t work as well as we wished… the bowel and bladder movements.
If these two systems were working properly, I am 100% sure the sweat produced during your practice would 1) Not smell so yucky and 2) Decrease massively.

As a yoga teacher I am the lucky one who gets to find out what everyone has been eating for the past 10 years. It is quite easy to sniff out meat eater in class for example!
I learned a few years back that our intestinal tract is the same length as a HORSE!
Have you ever seen a horse chow down on a steak, a chicken or even a tuna sandwich? They don’t seem to be complaining too much about where they get their protein from either… nor do they seem to have much problems going to the loo! The fact is if they did eat the diet we eat, they wouldn’t be able run, jump, stay warm… etc etc…

As food enters the body the digestive process starts to rock and roll.
The problem is, if we put something in it doesn’t recognize as food, it struggles and takes a hell of a lot of energy to get it through there (Ever felt totally knackered after a big Sunday dinner?) .
The stuff we just put in can often be heavy, sticky, hard to digest and just won’t budge, so it starts to build up, day after day, week after week… blocked pipes anyone? You get the picture!

Once the food we eat does make it’s way a bit further down this now very narrow passage, it starts to ferment (or ROT!) and isn’t going anywhere fast… hence that lovely smell in your sweat and all the other exit points once it starts to get out! 😉
So, as the body hasn’t properly cleared out in a while… and I mean properly (to understand this try having a colonic, you will be amazed at *HOW MUCH IS IN THERE* and how light and uplifted you feel afterwards) we start to feel and SEE the effects (the aging process kicks in).
When the body cannot eliminate, the mind starts to feel that way too… ‘Stuck’, ‘Tired’, ‘Heavy’, ‘Depressed’, ‘Unclear’, and so on…
Do not fear, there are ways to stop this from going on!
2) Oxygen (exercise, yoga, in fresh air)
3) Fresh, Organic, Fruits and Vegetables
Not that difficult really! In fact it’s quite nice as there are no limitations on how much you take of these 3 simple steps!

So, do you want to smell like this:

Or do you want to smell like this……..

Yum… I know which one I choose!
At the end of the day, it’s your choice, but all I can see is that eating more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables has a positive effect on your health, your mind, your yoga practice and the smells that are produced 😉
Wishing you all a glorious sunny day where ever you are, and I look forward to seeing some of you back on the mat this week.
Big love!
xxxxx S


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