YOGA: 'Yo' Where do you go? 'Ga' Inside!

Sometimes I feel that the physical practice of yoga (especially the Ashtanga sequence) can be mistaken as simply learning a few postures which will eventually lead to some kind of external gain…
The true essence of a yoga practice is in fact the direct opposite of this it just so happens our outer self improves as a result!
Yoga is a practice that takes on many forms but it’s outcome should always be the same… that it takes you inside.
Inside where?
Yourself of corse!
Where else? It is this journey inside and the observation of the eternal landscape that exists inside this physical ‘car’ we are driving about the earth, that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know.
Simply close your eyes, and you are there.
I personally experience this every day… if I ignore my intution, things ALWAYS get kind of sticky and just don’t want to happen. If I listen to my first ‘gut’ instinct (and follow it!) everything seems to work out JUST AS IT SHOULD!
The problem is of corse, the mind… it doesn’t want you going in there.
It fears you might find something out of it’s control and maybe start to rise above it!
No offense to the mind, or the ego… they are the ones who got us here, feed us clothe us, etc etc… but if we learn to use yoga as a tool to discernment between what is true to ourselves and what will expand us as opposed to become rigid and set in our ways, life will become a much happier place to be.
Tomorrow being New moon, (black moon) is the perfect time to practice the art of going inside.
With the moons’ pull on the earth being at it’s weakest, we are much more open to intuition and inner guidence. Take this time to step back from you physical practices (if the mind/ego allows you to!) and sit quietly for a while.
Listen to your breath and as the breath becomes smooth and undisturbed take a back seat and listen to what your heart truly wants.
Happy dreaming everyone!
Big love


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