New moon: You are ordered to LET GO!

Happy New Moon everybody,
I trust you are all enjoying this time to take a step back from doing and spend a little time just BE-ing.
This of corse is something we could all be doing everyday yet it seems the demands we put upon ourselves are so great, we sometimes need to be reminded… The new moon is good at that!
I will be the first to admit I have been guilty of not allowing myself enough time to re-charge over the past year or so!
Since the chocolate shop closed in December life has slowed down for me, I have been blessing myself with LONG sleeps, at least 2 hours of yoga everyday, the best fruits and veggies I can find ( is great for that!), lots of fresh air not to mention tons of forgiveness…

This week being my first week back at teaching has been a little busier but I have thoroughly enjoyed it as a service and not WORK.
Over the past 2 years I have developed a stronger belief that unless we are not all doing what we truly love and want to ‘do’ as ‘human do-ers’, then the world will become faster, more complicated and the debts we make to ourselves both physically and spiritually will get bigger and harder to re-pay.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to go for a beautiful Goa Bliss massage with Lou Johnston at her new (ish) massage space on Montagu Terrace (for bookings call Lou on  07866755931 or email
I left feeling ultimately relaxed, soothed and grounded with the intention to book in again soon before I forget how important it is to nurture myself regularly on this level.
I heard someone say recently that ALL teachers should take time out regularly to reconnect with the guidance that initially taught them the path of the rat race doesn’t get you anywhere! Some times practicing yoga every day just isn’t enough (especially when you find your self thinking “Ah, I must tell the students about this…x…y…z”…!)
So for me to pass on the true nature of yoga, I must practice what I preach!
And it’s true, we are all worthy of doing exactly what our hearts tell us to do.
Nothing should come between you and that, no one, no amount of money and defiantly no guilty feelings for being too kind to yourself!
Whatever you choose to do today to nurture yourself, don’t resist it for a second… there wouldn’t be any point in that!
Be well
Be happy
Be cool
Be you
X s


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