Getting healthy

Todays post is inspired by so many people.
I promised myself when I started blogging again I wouldn’t hang heavily on the whole raw food thing and try and keep it to yoga…
The problem is, it just isn’t possible because the same issues just keep coming up, the same questions, the same worries, not to mention the same victories due to a healthy raw food lifestyle.
Yoga practice is only one part of me, although it does thread me together, it isn’t the only reason why  have come to feel well, happy and at peace with myself.
I have noticed lately that a lot of raw food bloggers start by saying ‘this is not medical advice’ and so I must add that in there… not only because it isn’t and I don’t want you to come back and try to sue me (I just haven’t got time for that!); it’s also because ‘medical advice’ to me is a phrase that no longer makes any sense…
IN MY EXPERIENCE ‘medical advice’ (i.e the type you get from your GP) has 99.9% of the time NOT helped any one.
To get a background on where this is coming from, understand that every single time I have used prescription or non-prescription drugs they have left me one bar bellow how I felt before I had a ‘problem’. I find allopathic medicine not only weakens the immune system directly, it also suppresses the initial issue deep down inside. It turns your back on the issue for a period of time. In the long run, there just isn’t any space left inside for all these neglected issues and they are bound to start coming out sooner or later, this time stronger and sometimes all at once.
I believe disease in the body is a result of this suppression… the ‘dis-ease’ on physical, mental  or spiritual level will eventually manifest as something somewhere and will make deep roots as it intends to stay… after all, didn’t we give it the right to do so earlier when we just turned our backs on it without really addressing it and kicking it out for good?
I have heard too many medical professionals in my time say that food has very little to do with prevention or healing dis-ease (Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, depression, IBS, RSI, insomnia, colds, flu, arthritis… you name it).
I simply cannot compute this kind of perspective (apart from the fact that these poor individuals have been programmed for YEARS in education to make them believe that this is true, not only so that they can help people but so that they can ‘make a living’).
Fact: What we put into our bodies has an effect.
A simple demonstration of this would be to consume something right now:

  1. Prior to eating write down how you feel and why you chose the food you chose.
  2. Secondly, eat, wait a few seconds and again write down how you feel.
  3. Wait 1/2 hour, again write down how you feel.
  4. Do this every half hour for 1.5 hours and no doubt you will notice your feelings, both physical and mentally, possibly spiritually, will change. Good/bad/anything.

I think it is a good idea now to take it right back a point I made in step one … why you chose the food you chose.
Answer it for yourself.
In my experience, food, just like any other substance I have taken/drank/ingested, is HIGHLY addictive.
Think of a time when you’ve decided you deserve a big glass of wine. What were the thoughts that allowed you to do this?
Now compare those thoughts to a time when you crave a certain food or when you say to your self;
‘I worked so hard today I think I deserve a… x…y..z’
It works on so many levels and it is most commonly followed by the dreaded GUILT!
The main point I wanted to make today was that you are not alone.
Take a look around at your closest friends and family and you will notice that this cycle is going on all the time.
Personally I believe this cannot be helped with raw foods alone although they could be considered as your saving grace, it was for me… it takes time and patience (with yourself and those around you) to make long lasting changes. It requires you to take a look at everything in your life.
A lot of the time these foods are just like the pills the doctors give you. Think of the mind state you are in when you really fancy that thing that you know isn’t good for you. It is often a time when we feel just a little lacking in something non-physical (love, confidence, bliss, abundance etc.) If you were feeling these things would you need to reach for comfort from an outside source?
It does take a wee bit of strength to get you on to this way of thinking, but I for one can see from direct results that the more fresh living foods we eat, the easier that is.
For me, I feel the way forwards is to support each other, be there for each other, offer a hand if we have a spare one to those around you who are also experiencing this predicament.
It is so important too, not to beat yourself up if you do let yourself down. It does no good.
Simply draw a line and start again.
We need to feel empowered and able to take charge of our lives, not weak and dependent on external things to help us.
As always it comes back down to my usual ranting…
Clear out the clutter in your life (on all levels!)
Take simple steps towards being healthy
Ask those around you to respect your decsisions, if they don’t they are not  worth being around.
Start to introduce more fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts…
Even if you have to cook your food, swap white rice for brown rice THIS IS A STEP FORWARD!
Cut out animal produce for a while, even a month, just to notice the changes.
Experiment with your own ideas for how to get healthy.
(Walking, Yoga, Cycle, Dance, Gardening, ANYTHING!)
Thanks to so many of you for being so open to talk about this kind of thing, it just goes to show that you are not alone.
And thanks to Steve for pointing out yesterday that this topic needed to be brought up in my blog… Having run a raw food cafe, he has had thousands of people come to him with the same complaints…
Remember… YOU ARE capable of getting healthy and well.
YOU DO deserve to spend time on yourself and feel great.
YOU WILL see results. FAST!
Have a fab day everyone.
Enjoy the new beginnings, whenever they begin for YOU!


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