A lesson from the little dudes

Last night during class a group of kids were at the window watching 11 grown adults strike their own variation of Hanumanasana (the splits)!
They were so excited, you could see it in their eyes.
Probably absolutly amazed that someone the same age as their mum/dad was doing such a thing!
To them, life is about fun and experiences.
I think they are here to teach us not to take it all so seriously.
To laugh at ourselves and give ourselves permission to play.
For kids, there is no right or wrong way, just their way.
They are not programmed into being their job, their past, their memories, their religion, their class in society…
Well, not yet that is…
Maybe seeing the class last night like that made those children take a sigh of relief…
Finally! The old folks are letting go!
Have fun, do something different.
Before the children think what we’re all doing is what they have to do…
And then maybe they’d never try and do the splits again 😉
Big love and laughs
S xxx

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