Your respect for Earth mirrors what you are doing to yourself!

Today being Saturday I was up early to teach the yoga flow down at Stockbridge House.
Had a beautiful walk in down the river but noticed on the way in the rubbish slowly gathering by the banks.
It was a sad sight, it still shocks me that people dump their waste like that.
Doesn’t this show a lack of respect for the Mother Nature?

A new friend recently said to me:
“If a planet supports ‘life’, then it must provide EVERYTHING necessary for that ‘life’.”
So, I was looking around and thought to myself, ‘Wow. Mother Nature just keeps on giving and giving and giving…’
The dumped rubbish by the river banks didn’t stop the water from flowing back to sea, the regeneration of plant life or the birds from singing, they just got on with it…
Mother Nature just keeps on giving and giving and giving…
But surely there is a point where She cannot physically give anymore, like an abused machine it will eventually conk out?

Then I look around and notice that no matter what we are told about respecting our selves we still choose to ‘treat ourselves’ with something that we know is not going to help us whatsoever… a glass of wine here, a coffee there, a double cheeseburger with XL fries won’t do any harm… Will it?

So then I suppose the same could be said for that innocent cigarette but chucked into the wind… or an extra car for the family, another air flight to save time, another bottle of bleach down the drain won’t do any harm… Will it?
I bet the Mother Nature doesn’t see that as a treat!

I have been told time and time again that what we eat/how much exercise we do/the water we drink/the air we breathe has little effect or none on our bodies and it is what we think that effects us… to an extent, TRUE… BUT, if this is what we do to our bodies, what the heck are we all thinking? And why treat the Mother Nature the same way! She doesn’t deserve to be a dumping ground and neither does your body.
I try not to jump between levels (mind/body/spirituality) but it’s getting to be impossible…

We have to start thinking about our actions. Take responsibility. Or my friends comment won’t be valid any more.
The Earth WON’t continue to support us.
Our bodies WON’T continue to carry us around like blue arsed flies.
Our psyche WON’T guide us back to our intuition.

It’s time to step off the treadmill and slow down.
It’s the only way we will learn to think for ourselves.
So we can make educated decisions for our own actions.
We have to realize that everything we need is all around us and we don’t have to always be do-ing things to get somewhere…
You are already here!
What more could you possibly want!?
And if it’s ‘things’ you want then maybe it’s time to ask yourself why you want them!
Again, Mother Nature doesn’t ask for a thing yet just keeps on giving and giving and giving…
Imagine what that must feel like, being able to give without wanting any thing in return.
It’s just about awareness.
Have a blissfully aware and awakening weekend everyone!
Love S xxx

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